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Studio Sampling 2016


Don’t just tell them about it – SHOW them

A Studio Sample is the great way to WOW your client from the start! It’s your opportunity to physically show them what their investment is going to get them when you have your consultation. It’s also a budget friendly way for you to try out a new style of Flash Drives or Packaging.

Here’s how it works:

Custom Flash Drive Samples

Each style of Flash Drive we offer has a “Studio Sample” option that is essentially  a Customized but Non-Working Flash Drive.  
So it will LOOK exactly as a full priced Flash Drive BUT it will not contain the storage mechanism.  
The cost of a Non Working Sample is 50% off of 1 piece working flash pricing. 

Remember these really are NON-Working (there is no memory to hold files). 

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Bundles          (that’s a Custom Flash Drive paired with a Box offered as a set

Each Bundle offering on our website has a “Studio Sample” option which pairs a Non-Working customized flash Drive with a Customized Box.
The cost of the studio sample will be 50% off the regular price of 1 of the bundled Boxes/Flash Drive Sets.
Note the Drive will be Non Working (no data storage) and the box will have the Word “Sample” marked on it.  
They are not meant for re-sale but provided as a courtesy for our customers. 

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Packaging      (non bundled, ala carte)

We ask that you fill out a brief form to request a Unique Coupon code that will be valid on 50% off up to 5 ala carte Packaging items.  
Again they will be customized just as you wish BUT they will also be marked “SAMPLE” on each sample you order.
They are not for Re-sale.

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Any Questions?

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